Family physicians committed to providing excellent care throughout your prenatal course and birth.

We work closely together to ensure access to care twenty-four hours per day. We care for women with low risk pregnancies and work with other specialist colleagues if complications arise. We look forward to being part of your maternity journey.

Our Doctors

Experienced physicians with a shared philosophy and passion for maternity care.

Prenatal Clinic

Evidence based care over the entire course of your pregnancy.

Maternity Ward

15 single maternity care rooms located in the Richmond Hospital Birth Center.

Please fill out the patient intake form prior to your first visit. Please print and bring the pre-admission form with you on delivery day. 

The clinic is named after Dr. Janet Noakes, a Richmond-based Family Physician who served our community for several years, and delivered many babies at Richmond Hospital.  She died in May 1996 while pursuing another passion in her life, backcountry skiing.  Money donated by her patients was used to start this clinic.

Stethoscope and Referral Form

If you are a doctor looking to refer a patient to our clinic, please fill in our referral form and fax it to our clinic along with any available prenatal bloodwork or ultrasound reports.

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